Freedom Church Colchester

Grooms Celebration

Grooms Celebration

Great advice from some great men, at Christian’s Grooms Celebration (on his birthday as well)

We gathered as men to encourage Christian as he makes this incredible step into the mystery of marriage.

Some advice given by guests present: –

“Always be the first to forgive, keep your heart open and be accommodating to your wife”

“Love one another in Freedom, love is free, no cost, not charge, no obligation nothing beholden. Love your wife Totally committed to enjoying your marriage whatever may come. Be Faithful not only to each other but both be faithful to Jesus Christ, allow nothing to come in-between your love nether children, work, hobbies, or friends, be faithful. Out of the above three, Freedom, Total, and Faithfulness will flow Fruitfulness, a Fruitfulness that can only come from marriage as God ordained. We pray that you have one as God ordained.”

“Have fun, talk together always tell each other you love, and have fun, laugh together.”

We have enclosed video clips from friends in Germany and USA

David Steele in Germany


Josh Austin in USA


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