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A Wedding!

Marriage 1First Weddinwedding 2g of 2016 for us, Andrew and Carrie were married by Revd Stephen Richmond at St Andrews Church, Hatfield Peverel on Wednesday 27th April.

Mother of the groom commented “It was the most amazing day! Even the weather was sunny and warmer than predicted. Our prayers for the day were answered without a doubt. It was the most amazing day!”

Carrie was such a beautiful bride with her beaming smile and a pretty dress on a lovely April day and the groom complemented her, being smartly dressed along with his best men, wearing tails.

It was important to both Andrew & Carrie that they go through The Marriage Preparation Course (by Nicky & Sila Lee) contacting us well ahead of time as it was a high priority for them both to ensure they were prepared for their marriage following their big day. An interesting fact from the course is that couples spend on average 200 hours preparing for the wedding and the question is asked ‘how long does a couple spend preparing for their marriage?’ An interesting thought…

Contact us for details on your local course….

Worship was led by one of the best men, David Steele, and he was accompanied by Sarah Roberts, and Sarah Steele.

Both Karen and myself were honoured to be asked to pray for their marriage during the service. It was an opportunity to speak words of life over them, which we know God will delight to answer. Prior to the service we had asked Andrew & Carrie to consider their priorities and identify any concerns they may have for us to include in our prayers for them.

We felt that this was a time for a ‘new lease in life’ and a ‘new lease on life’ for both of them. We really believe that they will be able to do things in their married life that they have never been able to do before, as God now sees them as one.

God enables you to do more in marriage, man and wife, than when any other door opens in your life. When God calls individuals into marriage, He is calling us to reflect the divine marriage between Jesus Christ and His bride, the church. This is a time of new opportunities, new adventures, new life together, and it has the potential to be fuller, more fulfilling, joyful and fruitful.

Marriage is a time for both to have a different outlook on life (new lease in life), the old ways of singleness or living with parents has now passed, it is a time of new beginnings. Marriage is a time to look at the world around us (new lease on life), a time to seek God, asking Him to reveal the direction He wants to guide this marriage into.

Marriage is a reflection of how close Holy Spirit wants to be with us, married couples who walk closely with open hearts can just look at each other and know each other’s thoughts because years of intimacy means their knowledge and understanding of one another deepens. This is how we can walk with God, and enjoy a deep intimacy by having His Spirit live within us.

The beginning of a marriage between a man and woman is where most people expect to find Eros love. The wonderful news is, this is just the beginning and Eros love will develop as the marriage grows through commitment and devotion. Marriage is a living, growing relationship that will deepen with a lifetime of care and attention if both give their best to each other.

As we considered these truths, we wrote these prayers for Andrew and Carrie……

Andrew & Carrie

So begins a new season & lease of life, in life and on life, because Andrew & Carrie, you can do things you’ve never done before because you are one.

It’s the start of a beautiful journey that will last a lifetime.

Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the marriage of Andrew & Carrie,

Thank you that through Jesus they can have Your power and love flowing through them to each other and those around them to sustain them and enable them to flourish in their marriage and to be a blessing to everyone around them – family, friends & colleagues.

We pray specifically for:

Unity between them. May they know true harmony in their marriage, that their different personalities will complement each other & for one’s strength to cover the others weakness.

Flowing communication. For open, honest, kind and loving communication in both spoken words and unspoken gestures and the increasing ability to share the deep things of their heart with each other without fear.

Humility. For Andrew & Carrie to hold a willingness to learn from our God who ordained marriage, to be willing to admit it when they are wrong, to receive forgiveness and to forgive when they are wronged and misunderstood.

Fidelity. For loyalty, continuing belief and faith in Jesus Christ & each other. For a deep security & understanding that ‘we’re in this together’, that Andrew & Carrie you can face troubles & overcome them in the sure knowledge that your marriage will be stronger as a result.

Family. That out of your union of love, children will be borne and will be a blessing and that your family will grow stronger and increase in influence to the world around you.

Wisdom. As you seek to walk closer with Jesus, that God’s wisdom will permeate all your life, decisions and especially your marriage.


We pray that your marriage will get better and better as God intends, that you experience a deepening intimacy, security and togetherness.

We pray too, Andrew & Carrie, that both of you flourishing in your marriage will reflect the beauty and freedom of true love found in a marriage where Jesus is Lord.

May you be mightily blessed, and a blessing to others, in Jesus name we pray,


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