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Tanzania and Back

Tanzania  !!!  Here we come !!

Welcome to our information page from Sarah, Aimee, Harrison & Millie xxxx

As a family are going on a Family Volunteer Trip to Musoma, Tanzania, East Africa in August 2016.

The Project is ‘Go Make A Difference in Tanzania’ (Go Mad). Go MAD partners with Tearfund to send out teams of volunteers of whatever age to help with Go MAD’s projects.

The reason why we are going is millions of children worldwide grow up trapped in poverty, fear or despair, their lives stunted by abuse, war, homelessness or the loss of their parents. They don’t need pity. They need physical and emotional security & the chance to fulfill their God-given potential.

The Tearfund ‘Children at Risk’ Programme works through church partners of Christians to bring Christ’s love to the world’s most marginalised children. They work to prevent the problems that cause children to suffer, as well as advocating rights for children.

Tearfunds activities aim to involve children in the decisions that affect their lives, empowering them to make their own choices for the future.

Please click on link below to watch video to see what we’ll be doing!

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